What level of spy are you?

If you saw your neighbor leaving a chalk mark on a mailbox in your neighborhood you would:
Erase it and contact the homeowner's association
Contact the Post Office about vandalism
Alert the FBI that you think someone is leaving signals for a foreign intelligence service

If your colleague in a top secret intelligence organization, which paid its employees modestly, suddenly purchased expensive clothes, a fancy car, and did extensive home remodeling, you would:
Assume s/he won the lottery
Consider s/he might be selling secrets for money
Be angry that you didn't marry rich

If you were planning to sell secrets to a foreign government, you would arrange to meet your contact:
At work, because it's easier to carry copies of top secret documents a short distance
At a bar or restaurant where you go frequently, so as not to excite suspicion
At an exotic resort on a trip paid for by the foreign government

If you were selling your government's secrets and considered yourself a super cool international spy, you'd imagine yourself as:
Austin/Amanda Powers
James/Jane Bond
George/Georgina Smiley

Which car do you think a spy would be most likely to drive in the 1980s?
Firebird Trans Am
Dodge Caravan

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